Extraordinary Transactions – Abroad

The firm has considerable experience in helping with extraordinary transactions, particularly with respect to transactions involving:
Providing customer service from the preliminary verification of the aspects of the transaction through analysing the cost-effectiveness and profitability elements of the transaction and support (sell side), through gathering expressions of interest and potential partners for the deal and (buy side) with specific analyses of profitability, financial needs and tax, legal and accounting risk of possible target companies. Assistance is offered from the definition of the strategy to the reaching of contractual agreements and the closing of the transaction.
Management of Corporate Crises (Restructuring and Certifications)
Providing support to distressed companies by helping manage liquidity crises and drafting a financial recovery plan for the purpose of debt restructuring (under Articles 67 and 182-bis, 182-ter of the Italian Bankruptcy Law), or in the drafting of a liquidation plan (pursuant to Art. 160 of the Italian Bankruptcy Law). The firm also offers its assistance in carrying out certifications to verify the veracity of corporate data and the feasibility of the restructuring agreements, action plans and an agreement among creditors in insolvency procedures. The plans are drawn up or certified with in-house legal support (criminal and civil lawyers expert in corporate law).
Valuation of a Company and Preparation of Expert Reports
Offering support to business people and companies in the valuation of a company for the preparation of valuation reports to benefit from the law on the revaluation of land and shareholdings or to attest to the value of contributions. The firm can also provide support in preparing business plans for new ventures and start-ups.
Due Diligence
Offering support in the performance of accounting and tax due diligences of companies or groups of companies during acquisitions, corporate exchanges, and capital transactions.
Consulting and Reorganising Large Family Estates and Assistance in Generational Transitions
Providing support in researching the best tools for asset protection through trusts, equity funds or other instruments available to clients and offering assistance in managing relations between heirs and generational business handovers.
All services can also be offered internationally. The main areas of expertise for transactions involving other countries are:
Cross border transactions (M&A transactions – tax area, tax due diligence, foreign tax credit refund); international transactions: tax planning for investments to and from abroad; Accounting and tax audits and international due diligence; Inbound & outbound taxation;
Assistance in preparing the necessary documentation to comply with transfer pricing discipline; Tax assessment for asset allocation; Full “one stop station” service for international groups opening activities in Italy (general accounting, payroll, reporting, preparation of consolidated financial statements).
If necessary, these services are offered in cooperation with the TIAG international network.

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