Groups and Financial Intermediaries

In giving ongoing assistance to large companies, the firm analyses tax issues in the area of direct and indirect taxation also with the drafting of accounting and budgetary, corporate and tax opinions.
We use our very specific skills to give advice on tax issues related to the adoption of IAS/IFRS international accounting standards, to the regulations governing domestic consolidated taxation, to controlled foreign companies and to the non-deductibility of costs from low-tax countries.
In carrying out these activities, the firm shall, if the clients so require, prepare income tax returns and all other tax returns provided by law.
The firm, through its professionals, is also responsible for issuing the stamp of approval necessary to offset tax credits (direct and indirect) and issuing the Tax Certification (the so-called Heavy Stamp).
The firm is very active in the analysis of the tax treatment of financial products and financial transactions, both for withholding agents and investors.
It also specialises in tax assistance on emissions of shares, bonds and other debt instruments and of domestic and international financing transactions. Contracts and the related agreements are drawn up with the support of in-house lawyers, experts in company law.
For some multinationals the firm performs a comprehensive service for the management of ordinary accounting, labour relations, and all tax and corporate obligations, as well as monthly group reporting and specific advice as a “one stop station”.

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