Assistenza Legale

The firm has expanded its business with the addition of six professionals who manage corporate civil/commercial and criminal legal procedures. The legal team includes highly experienced lawyers and is able to assist clients, both in the judicial and extrajudicial phase, in domestic and international transactions in the following areas:

Company Law

Assistance in extraordinary transactions, company formation, drafting of bylaws, shareholder agreements, partnership agreements, company records, (shareholders’ meetings, board meetings, etc.) and in other company documents. Advice on corporate matters. Corporate litigation (appeals resolutions, liability actions, etc.). Legal opinions.

Corporate Criminal Law

Judicial and extrajudicial assistance in corporate criminal matters (including criminal liability of organisations pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2001), tax penalties, financial penalties as well as part of the agreed solutions to the business crisis in the area of criminal bankruptcy.

Commercial Law

Assistance in drafting and negotiating domestic and international commercial contracts.

Civil and Commercial Litigation

Assistance in litigation before all ordinary courts (including the Supreme Court of Cassation) as well as in arbitration proceedings.

Media – Intellectual property – Information Technology – Privacy

Legal assistance, drafting and negotiation of contracts for the media, information technology, Internet, copyright, protection of personal data and electronic commerce, advertising and sponsorship. Drafting of legal opinions and risk assessment. Litigation for the protection of intellectual property in every setting (Tribunals, Courts, Authorities, etc.).


Advice and assistance, also in litigation, in the area of competition, antitrust and advertising.

Real Estate and Construction Law

Drafting of contracts relating to property rights and contracts in the real estate and construction sector.

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