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Studio Rock has always been a true partner for its clients. It supports them since the birth of their ventures in every phase of their business.

At this stage, the Firm provides its clients with a team of qualified and experienced professionals to transform ideas into business.

The services dedicated to this delicate and crucial phase of the business mainly include: preparation of the business plan, assistance in creating the corporate structure, screening of industry regulations in case of innovative start-ups, identification of investors and financial partners, definition of the entity’s organizational and fiscal structure, assessment of any legal and compliance risks.

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Over the years Studio Rock has developed consolidated experience in assisting clients during the ongoing phase.

A full range of tax, corporate and legal services is provided during the course of the entity’s normal business: reporting, financial and tax planning, reconfiguration of corporate and organizational structures, compliance activities, and assistance for contract drafting.

Clients are represented by professional experts in any tax, civil or criminal proceedings.

Lastly, the Firm offers assistance relating to corporate internationalization, also thanks to the exclusive contribution of TIAG network professionals.

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Reference partners