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Taxation of Industrial and Financial Groups

Since its establishment, the Firm has garnered in-depth expertise in the field of taxation of industrial and financial groups.

The Firm examines issues relating to direct and indirect taxes, including by drafting opinions in the tax, corporate, accounting and financial reporting fields.

The Firm has developed specific experience with reference to tax issues concerning the adoption of the IAS / IFRS international accounting standards and the legislation governing national tax consolidations and CFCs (Controlled Foreign Companies).

The Firm prepares tax returns and all other tax statements required by applicable legislation. The Firm’s professionals are qualified to issue the Stamp of Approval necessary to offset (direct and indirect) tax credits and to issue Tax Certifications (referred to as Visto Pesante, full-blown stamp of approval).

The Firm has consolidated experience in analysing the tax treatment of financial products and transactions, both for withholding agents and for investors. It specializes in tax assistance relating to the issue of shares, bonds and other debt instruments, as well as national and international financing transactions.